FREE Sewing Video Tutorial No.1 – Pleating Neckline

To my wonderful sewing subscribers,

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In my video below I demonstrate how to create pleats in a basic t-shirt top to make it a ‘designer top’. I have taken this video right out of my online sewing workshop – Designer Top No.2. It’s just one of the many sewing tutorial videos in the course.

The full course includes all videos required, photographs, download instructions and requirements to complete each designer step for this top.

I hope you enjoy watching this video segment!

Watch out at the 2min 30sec point where my special sewing assistant appears in the right hand corner of the video!

If you are struggling with slow download speeds and your video is stopping and starting, simply click play and then pause, wait approx 5mins for the full video to download and click play for a continuous video stream.

Please leave me a comment below, I would love to hear what you have to say and so would many of my other subscribers!??I know this because so many of you told me in my sewing survey that you would like to hear from other sewers on my blog!

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Next video No.2 in this 3 part free video sewing tutorial series coming to your inbox in the next few days is: ‘Embellishment Technique – Couching!

So stay tuned for part 2!

Happy Sewing,

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10 Responses to “FREE Sewing Video Tutorial No.1 – Pleating Neckline”

  1. Iris McCathie says:

    Thanks Maree, I just love your weekly tips and now with constructive hands on videos it makes sewing so much easier.

  2. Rose says:

    I love your little helper!!!

  3. Julie Coppleman says:

    Very concise and clear instructions and talking it through made what seemed a difficult job into an easy one! Thank you!

  4. Jo Kenneally says:

    Thankyou, Maree.
    Your instructions were very clear.

  5. Maree says:

    Thanks ladies! My little helper is Samuel Beau! He is a gorgeous chinchilla and very spoilt!

    Jean, stay tuned for my Christmas Sale starting at the end of next week where you can then register for the full course and get started on a new Designer Top for yourself just in time for Christmas Day!

  6. Lorraine Heaven says:

    Thanks for the view of the helper. I have a similar one but with color variation.
    The pleating was fabulous too.

  7. Cherie Collins says:

    Thank you Maree I love all the emails you send and your sewing tutorial
    are great thank you very much Cherie .

  8. Marg Modra says:

    Thankyou for the video Maree. I just loved your “visitor” during the last part of your video. Hope you and your daughter are having a great time (I know you would be :) ) Marg

  9. Jean Jansen says:

    I am ready to make a designer top. When can we start????


  10. Nina says:

    Thank you! Sometimes it’s better to watch someone do it than trying to learn on your own from a book. Thanks! Beautiful cat.


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