"Maree & Lesley are amazing teachers! I learnt so much in such a short amount of time. The property is stunning and Maree's dog 'Rosie Posie' is gorgeous and friendly too."

Christie Martin

"As a 60+ year old male with no experience, I found the beginner sewing course supportive and methodical as a learning environment."

Steve Levakis

"I purchased your online Pyjama sewing course over a year ago, and it was the most wonderful course! I couldn't sew on a machine before and after your course, I've made several really (even surprised myself) pairs of beautiful pyjamas using cotton fabrics normally used to quilt with. My mother has been thrilled with hers at Christmas time last year and her birthday, thank you!! I found you so easy to follow and very personable in the videos. I'd love to do another course that you were running."

Kimberley Gantenbein

"Thank you for a brilliant Zero To Sewing beginner clinic. I am surprised with how much I have learnt in only 2 days! I can't wait to practice my new skills and make my next sewing project."

Shelley Threlfall

"I attended the Zero To Sewing in a Weekend course and loved it! I have learnt so much and have been inspired to continue on with my own sewing projects."

Jamie Brown

"I have loved the sewing classes, they were so much fun and Maree is so friendly and warm and is a pleasure to learn from."

Kelly Hosking

"The classes with Maree are filled with fun and banter. Maree is a very attentive, positive and supportive teacher."

Lucy O'Grady

"Maree is a fabulous teacher! A perfect pace for me, very clear and encouraging. I feel so excited to move forwards and try new sewing projects now!"

Katrina Stroud

"The Zero To Sewing in a Weekend - Beginner sewing clinic was fantastic as a self taught sewer to learn how to do things properly! I thought I knew more than I actually did... now I know how to do all of those things and more because of Maree!"

Elizabeth Gordon

"Maree’s wealth of knowledge is amazing and so practical and appreciated."

Rose Nadile - Point Cook, Australia.

"I feel very lucky indeed to be able to be part of Maree’s sewing classes – so enjoyable and informative, fun and companionable. It is a pleasure to come to Rosewood Cottage at Mount Duneed, as it is such a beautiful, peaceful setting. The best thing about Maree’s classes is her knowledge and enthusiasm! I feel that I am learning and I love sewing, the more I do it I gain confidence."

Jenni Wackett - South Geelong, Australia.

"Maree is the best sewing teacher in the whole world!"

Loren Dolphin – Ocean Grove, Australia.

"Whatever you have come to learn, Maree will help you achieve and more! The best thing about Maree’s classes are the tips, tricks and belly aches from laughing! Thanks Maree."

Julie Armstrong – Barwon Heads, Australia.

"Maree always makes you feel very welcome and has lots of time for everybody in class. She is a great teacher and explains very well so you can understand and doesn’t mind telling you again if you didn’t quite get it the first time –

Thank you Maree!"

Betty Dunn – Newcomb, Australia.

"I knew when I spoke to Maree on the phone for the first time, that I would love the sewing classes. I feel great to make something for myself. Thanks Maree!"

Faye Mollenhauer – Grovedale, Australia.

"I learnt an appreciation of fashion. Line, detail, fabric and what patterns would suit me.""

Pamela Chandler – Highton, Australia.

"I have sewn items with Maree that I didn’t think possible. From a formal dress to ballroom dancing outfit to magnificent patchwork bags. Maree is a teaching genius!"

Tiffany Mc Intosh – Grovedale, Australia.

"The best thing about Maree’s classes are the things we learn and friendships made - and a lot of help when we are feeling poorly!"

Bebe Quick – Manifold Heights, Australia.

"Maree is a wonderful, patient teacher who can solve any problem – and help out when students feel poorly!"

Betty Redmond – Highton, Australia.

"Maree’s sewing classes are excellent and you gain great friendships."

"Pat Matthews – Waurn Ponds, Australia."

"You can’t have better than the best!"

Kay Oliver – Grovedale, Australia.

"The best thing about Maree’s classes is that she gives you the confidence to ‘have a go!"

Fran Cunningham – Belbrae, Australia.

"Absolutely so much fun! A great group of people and learnt so much!"

Amelia Ling – Newtown, Australia.

"In Maree’s classes you learn to do things properly!"

Sophie Day – Mount Duneed, Australia.

"I love the various tricks and techniques that Maree is so experienced with... Maree knows everything! When I first started, Maree showed us different techniques which we put in a folder for future reference – I really liked that idea!!"

Lucy Burke – Barwon Heads, Australia.

"I have learned to be confident in the sewing challenges I have undertaken. At the same time the classes are always fun and it has been nice to meet like-minded ladies. I think Maree should do a couple of pages in the Woman’s Weekly re: her recycling ideas in these recessionary times."

Elaine Gorman – Torquay, Australia.

"Maree is just great!"

Margaret Guthrie – Grovedale, Australia.

"The best thing about Maree’s classes are the friendships, confidence in my sewing skills and inspiration for new projects."

Glenda Breedveld – Highton, Australia.

"I have learned to use the overlocker and heaps of other sewing tips."

Margaret Donovan – North Shore, Australia.

"I have enjoyed being around people who like to sew, learning short cuts, tips and techniques."

Patricia Harries – Wallington, Australia.

"The best thing about Maree’s sewing classes is you learn to make your own clothes - Great!"

Margaret Martin – Grovedale, Australia.

"Maree’s expertise has enabled me to make a variety of clothes from overcoats, frocks and children’s frocks. Maree’s influence and advice inspires each of her students to achieve success whatever their project in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere of Rosewood Cottage surrounded by beautiful fragrant roses."

Patricia Siddall – Torquay, Australia.

"The best thing from attending Maree’s sewing classes is that my confidence is growing because techniques are explained."

Terri Lambert – Gherang, Australia.

"Friendship – Advice – Nurturing!"

Marnie Jones – Lorne, Australia.

"I love coming to sewing class every week. Attention to detail, learning extra techniques that are not explained in pattern instructions and my sewing skills have improved out of sight!"

Jess Lewis

"A fun and friendly atmosphere in which to learn expert tips on producing professionally finished garments."

Tanya Hollis

"Maree is a Gun! And super Fun!"

Carla Barrie

"The best thing I have learnt is learning how to sew full stop – it’s been great I can now sew from a pattern."

Kylie Sobra

"Even though I have had only one class so far, I have gained a lot. Maree is so patient which is good for a beginner."

Abbey Jones

"Very enjoyable experience."

Jan Goodfellow

"I so much look forward to every 2nd Tuesday when I have a full day of sewing classes. Seeing the wonderful friends made in class and knowing that I will learn something new. 2.5years ago, I couldn’t even thread a machine. Now I make most of my own and families clothes."

Denise Gun

"I have gained confidence in the use of knits and similar friendly fabrics"

Kath T

"Maree’s Beginner Sewing Clinic was an excellent 2 days. Thank you so much for teaching me the skills that I can use for the future. I can’t wait to wear my beautiful clothes."

Emy McPhee

"The Beginner Sewing Clinic with Maree was the funnest two days! Not only did I make a new top and skirt but I learned how to sew!"

Eden Whittaker

"A wonderful two day experience I had at Maree’s Beginner Sewing Clinic. Reached all expectations! Can’t wait to further enjoy classes with Maree!"

Hannah Dowling

"I have learnt so many skills over the past two days at Maree’s Beginner Sewing Clinic and developed a new love of sewing. Maree has inspired me to continue sewing and try new things."

Erin Littlewood

"I’ve been at student at Maree Pigdon Sewing Centre for the past 7 years.

I absolutely love attending Maree’s classes. Maree is an expert sewing teacher who has helped me develop my sewing skills to become an accomplished sewer.

Maree always greets me with a warm welcome and she is a caring, supportive, patient and inspiring teacher.

At the beginning of each class Maree will discuss my sewing project to make a plan for getting the best results from the class. She then expertly guides me through sewing the right way, fitting my garments to my unique body shape and helps me sew my garments in a way the generates a professional finish.

As a result I love sewing the clothes that I make while attending Maree Pigdon Sewing classes and I am proud to wear them.

Maree also creates an amazing atmosphere in her sewing school, she brings together like minded creative people who all support each other to help us stretch and grow and sew clothes that we never thought possible.

Attending Maree’s sewing classes is a highlight in my life and I look forward to my classes with her and my fellow students.

I highly recommend Maree Pigdon Sewing centre for anyone wanting to learn how to sew, develop their sewing skills and meet wonderful creative people to connect with and make new and long lasting friendships."

Dr. Anne Stevenson - Torquay, Australia

"I have known Maree Pigdon for approximately 30 years and in that time our relationship has evolved from customer to close friend and now employer.

Maree is a ‘people person’ with a very appealing attractive personality which draws people to her. This quality among others has enabled her to develop and maintain many friendships over the years, having a positive impact on the development and long term success of her business. Her positive affirmation and encouragement have in turn developed loyalty in her student base, with a large number of students continuing their tuition over a number of years.

Maree inspires creativity. Her sewing school is a bright, attractive and stimulating environment in which to work. She is highly knowledgeable regarding the materials and processes required by students to achieve success and uses humour and care to deliver assistance.

I joined Maree’s team as a sewing teacher 8 years ago. My role consists of facilitating and teaching general sewing classes, children’s sewing classes and co-facilitating and teaching Maree’s beginner sewing course with her.

Working with Maree has been delightful as her approach to work is so professional and her energy and enthusiasm infectious. She encourages staff to share ideas and areas of expertise, allowing them to feel integral to her business and valued as an employee.

Maree’s creative approach to the development of classroom activities and problem solving is extremely motivating and teachers are inspired by example. Working in such a positive, fruitful environment is unusual in this day and age.

She is a caring and patient employer and teacher, frequently instigating new, innovative and creative ideas suitable for both students and staff. Students are keen to see what her focus for each week will be which has facilitated the sharing of ideas and discussion in the classroom, an important part of learning. Teachers are inspired to try something different which develops their skill set and in turn adds dimension to their teaching.

Maree has created a unique, relaxed and safe working environment where people feel they are accepted and can be free to express their own creativity with positive support. Such a relaxed atmosphere has allowed students and staff to develop a myriad of new skills and also many lasting friendships.

I highly recommend others to join Maree’s team and look forward to continuing working with her for many years to come."

Lesley Deans - Geelong, Australia

"My name is Dezi and I had booked into Maree’s sewing classes, where I made my first pair of pyjamas.

Since then, I have gone on and made 4 compete sets and 5 bottom pants.

I have now moved onto making a fully lined vest and have made 3 after I enrolled for a full term of lessons.

I am booked in again for another term and will be a student for a very long time.

People ask me why I travel so far to learn how to sew? The answer I give is simple. I wanted to learn from the best and am being taught by a master!

Maree Pigdon apart from being a lovely person, is truly a master of sewing.

Maree not only knows how to sew, Maree knows how to teach others. Nothing is too much for her and her attention to detail is something above the rest. Maree knows what is going on even when she is in a far corner.

My advice to anyone who is serious about learning how to sew, then do not waste your time or money, go to the master, Maree Pigdon."

Dezi - Solicitor from Altona Meadows

"I needed a new handbag to take overseas with me that looked good but was also big enough to fit my travel wallet and camera in, as well as my purse and the everyday paraphernalia that we all have to carry.

I wanted one that had a long strap so I could just pop it over my head and be hands free, very important when sight-seeing and shopping and also for security. The Rosie bag was just perfect. The zip top gave me added security and a greater feeling of freedom. Knowing it was zipped up against pick-pockets and over my shoulder to stop bag snatchers helped me to relax and enjoy my trip more.

he Rosie Bag is also very roomy, I had no trouble fitting in my maps and tourist guide as well as everything else, my biggest problem was resisting the temptation to fit ‘everything’ in and making it too heavy to carry!

I chose to do the patchwork version with a little green ribbon over-stripe on the grosgrain that crosses over the patchwork squares. I think it looks very smart and have received many compliments, even from strangers that have spoken to me in shops!

My Rosie bag is almost 6 months old now and still being used constantly (and I am still receiving compliments, yeah!).

I took Maree’s advice and did a Scotchguard spray before I used it so even though there is a lot of white in it it still looks very good. Another tip that Maree gave me was not to use black lining. I lined the bag with the bright green fabric similar to the colour of the ribbon. The bag is quite deep and as Maree explained with black lining it would be very difficult to find items at the bottom of the bag. With the bright green it is easy.

I highly recommend Maree's Rosie Bag Pattern it's fabulous!"

MARILYN DAVIDSON - Geelong, Australia.

"I’m a supplier of sewing haberdashery and sewing products from M Recht & Co. I have been supplying haberdashery and a variety of sewing products to Maree Pigdon of Maree Pigdon Sewing Centre for the past 25 years.

Maree is an excellent business owner to work with. I thoroughly enjoy visiting her sewing school to discuss her haberdashery and sewing product requirements.

Maree is always welcoming and interested in the latest products available to stock in her sewing school to provide for her students and customers.

The end-to-end process of working with Maree is seemless.

I look forward to continuing servicing Maree Pigdon Sewing Centre for a long time into the future."

Norman Rosenwax - Melbourne, Australia.

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