Old Denim Jeans Transformed into a New Denim Skirt

I am pleased to share with you another transformational project from an avid sewer Irene!

Irene sews at home and her sewing helper is her gorgeous cat Tigger!

As you can see below Irene has transformed a pair of old denim jeans into a new denim skirt. (Please note: this jeans photo wasn’t the actual pair cut up as we didn’t get a picture of the actual pair used. So we have included this denim jeans photo to demonstrate what was done from an original pair of denim jeans).

New Denim Skirt Front – The front of the skirt is the pocket and fly section of the jeans and the back pocket sections of the jeans, with two small panels from the legs to make the lower halves required for the width.

Back of Skirt - The back of the skirt are made from the legs of the jeans.

Tigger gives Irene a cat kiss after the job is done! How cute!

Well done Irene! Thank so much for sending your transformed Jeans pictures to us here at Maree Pigdon Sewing Centre to share with our readers!

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Would you like to learn to sew? Watch this video on the below link to learn more!

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Happy Sewing,

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