Sewing for Special Occasions

Permission Granted by Australian Stitches magazine Editor Lynn Cook to reproduce this photo as seen in Volume 18 No 6

There is the thought of being able to design anything you want! The love and effort you put into making it yourself. The anticipation of what it will look like in the end! There is also sometimes the stress when something goes wrong or not to plan as they sometimes do… and ultimately the satisfaction and feel of the garment as you wear it, fitting perfectly to your body in all the right places!

In the first phase ??? Designing you need to think about the occasion, dress code and what is going to not only be appropriate for the occasion and weather but what you are going to feel wonderful in!

The world can seem like your oyster in this moment! So many possibilities ??? decisions decisions!

What are you going to sew for this special occasion?

What is important here is the vision and this is what makes a successful designer. They can create the finished outfit in their mind from the beginning. They know just what they want to create.

When you can do this it then helps you to make it happen. If you sew and hope.. this is where you can risk getting it right or not.

But if you lack vision don???t be disheartened, you can either get help from someone who does or sometimes allowing your creativity to flow and seeing where it takes you can create an extremely original piece! Or a big flop! But that can be ?? the fun of finding out how it all comes together in the end.

I don???t recommend this risky no vision process if you have a deadline and important special occasion where if all goes wrong you don???t have time to fix it or start all over again sewing in a stressful state.

Five Top Tips for Successful SEWING for Special Occasions:

1. Sew a calico or muslin of the design for look and fit before cutting into your chosen speciality fabrics.

2. Design an outfit that is creative and unique but also appropriate for the occasion/dress code.

3. Get some help and second trusted opinion on style and fabric choice ??? a second set of eyes and someone to bounce your ideas off is a must.

4. Remember to design to flatter your figure type and choose colours that compliment you. Just because there may be a colour or style in for the season yet you know it doesn???t suit you, try adding subtle fashion features but remember if you know it doesn???t suit you, chances are you are not going to feel comfortable or look your best in it. It can dampen the fun and result in being unhappy with the photo???s taken.

5. Plan and start your special occasion outfit well in advance to give yourself plenty of time. A lot of thinking can go into your outfit well before you cut it out. Note not to make it too far in advance if it is highly fitted and you???re likely or expecting to experience any size changes.

One of my recent special occasion outfits was for a very special occasion ??? My son???s wedding which was held in a beautiful English Castle in England!

Being mother of the groom there was a lot of thought, planning and designing that went into it. I loved every minute of it and wearing it too!

If you haven???t seen my outfit as yet simply click on the link below to read the Australian Stitches Magazine Volume 18 No. 6 which featured me wearing it!

You will also learn exactly what inspires me when designing and sewing a new outfit for a special occasion!

Maree Pigdon Sewing Special Occasions – Wedding Article

Note: Permission Granted by Australian Stitches magazine Editor Lynn Cook to repoduce this photo and article as seen in Volume 18 No. 6.

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