Farm Theme Quilt

I have a very special video to share with you today!

Not too long ago I decided to make a quilt for one of my dearest and oldest friends Heather, or otherwise known as Mrs.P!

Mrs.P had NO IDEA that I was making her a quilt, meanwhile I was busy piecing together the perfect farm theme quilt for her.

Watch my video below where you can see the finished quilt and the look on Mrs.P’s face when she saw it!

I made this design in our popular quilting class that we hold here at Rosewood Cottage.

Quilting Classes Geelong - Farm Theme

If you would like to book into our next quilting class contact us today!

Have you made a special quilt for someone special in your life? Did you like this video?

Please leave a comment about it below, we would love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for watching.


Happy Sewing,

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4 Responses to “Farm Theme Quilt”

  1. Maree says:

    Hi Kerry,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes it was a really special moment!

    Now Mrs.P has been inspired to join our quilting class to make matching mini quilt cushions!

    Stay tuned to see them coming on my blog soon.

    Happy sewing,

  2. Kerry says:

    What a beautiful, thoughtful gift. Loved the surprise on Mrs P’s face when she opened it.

  3. Maree says:

    Thanks Joan! How are you? I hope you’re really well!

  4. What a great idea Loved the quilt Joan

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