Sewing Tour – V V Rouleaux London

Hi Everyone,

Our next stop on our London 2012 Sewing Tour was ???V V Rouleaux??? which is a gorgeous shop filled with beautiful ribbons, trims, tie backs and more!

Faye and the team at??V V Rouleaux gave us a very warm welcome, shared interesting information about what they offer including their unique approach to helping creative people all over the world with their sewing projects!

Annabel Lewis is the founder of V V Rouleaux where in 1990 she closed her flower shop in Parsons Green and opened a ribbon shop -??V V Rouleaux.

Video interview with Faye from V V Rouleaux

Learn how the team at V V Rouleaux could help you with the perfect ribbon, trim or feather for your next sewing project. Watch the video below!

Jacqueline outside V V Rouleaux

Here are some pictures from V V Rouleaux

I just LOVE tassels!

V V Rouleaux re-cycle everything and don’t throw a scrap away. Instead they make unique pieces from the short ends of their ribbons and trims just like the gorgeous models below. They are available for sale at V V Rouleaux.

So many trims – which one will Jacqueline choose for her next sewing project?

Amazing masks at V V Rouleaux!

Thank you Faye and the team for a warm, welcoming and informative visit to V V Rouleaux we look forward to visiting again soon.

We highly recommend visiting Faye and the team at V V Rouleaux next time you’re in London or ask them via email to help you from where ever you are in the world with sourcing the perfect ribbon or trim for your next sewing project.

Please find below more information about V V Rouleaux

Address: 102 Marylebone Lane??London W1U 2QD

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +44 (0) 20 7224 5179


Please leave a comment below for us and the team at V V Rouleaux, we would love to hear from you, how you liked this blog post, perhaps a special ribbon or trim you have or are looking for. Also if you’ve been to V V Rouleaux too or if it’s now on your list of places to visit!

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Happy Sewing,

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4 Responses to “Sewing Tour – V V Rouleaux London”

  1. Thanks Helen, we had great fun in V V Rouleaux!

    Happy sewing,

  2. helen forrest says:

    Well done to you both– loved it— happy travels– h

  3. Maree says:

    Thanks Heather!

    Yes we are having an amazing time on our sewing tour it’s just fantastic!

    Have a fabulous time when you stop in London next too!

    Happy sewing,

  4. Haether O'Reilly says:

    What a fantastic trip you are having Maree! Thank you for sharing the wonderful creative shops you have visited, they are inspirational. Next stop London!!!

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