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Linen Blend Fabrics

Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Another fabric we expect to see on our Fabric Buying Bus Trip on Saturday 30th March is a Linen Blend.

Linen Blend Fabric 01

It is similar to 100% Linen with its key feature being the cool comfort linen provides, (which is perfect for hot climates) however linen blends have the wearability of its blended fabric and are significantly less prone to wrinkle than pure linen.

Linen Blend Fabric 02

Linens are made from the fibres of a flax plant. It’s laborious to manufacture, however the fibre is very strong, absorbent and dries faster than cotton.

Linen Blend 03

What is Linen usually blended with?

The blends are not often disclosed however its common for blends to contain cotton, rayon, polyester and sometimes viscose.

Linen/Cotton – Cotton softens linen and keeps the fullness of linen while reducing the wrinkles and keeping a crisp look.

Linen/Rayon – Rayon blended with linen creates a substantially softer fabric with more fluid drape and a subtle sheen from the rayon.

Linen/Polyester – Polyester helps linen to wash better, wrinkle less, and retain colour-fastness. Depending on the type of fabric, polyester usually softens the feel of linen as well, but in a synthetic way.

What can you make from Linen Blends?

Linen Blends come in a range of plain colours and prints, they are a light to medium weight fabric and perfect for dresses, skirts, tops, pants, suits and more!

Linen Blend Dress 01

Linen Blend Dress 02

Linen Blend Dress 04

Linen Blend Suit 01

Linen Blend Pants 01

Linen Blend Dress 05

Linen Blend Dress 03

When you join our fabric buying bus trip you will discover our top tip on how to cut linen blends to reduce the wrinkle even further.

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