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Edging Tape & Stay Tape

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Maree Pigdon

Today in Tips and Tricks I would like to talk about two different fusible tapes that I suggest should be part of everyone’s basic sewing kit.

Edging Tape (pictured above) is a straight grain fusible stabilizing tape which is best used on wovens and on straight edges. Use it on jackets and coats with lapels to prevent the bias area from stretching and encourage the lapel to begin its roll. Or cardigan-style jackets and vests to prevents the bias area from stretching. It can also be used to prevent stretching of V-necklines, slant pockets, patch pockets and shoulder seams.

The tape comes in black and white, is 22mm wide and is on special for $2.00 for a 5 metre length.

Maree Pigdon

Stay Tape (pictured above) is a bias fusible stabilizing tape with a narrow tape stitched into it. It is best used for knit fabrics as well as woven fabrics. Use it for curved neckline & hem edges, arm-hole control, knit shoulder stay, to control fraying fabric and for stretch control.

This tape also comes in black and white, is 9mm wide and is on special for $5.50 for a 5metre bundle.

Both tapes are fused to the fabric using your steam iron.

SEWING QUOTE: “There are no sewing mistakes – only opportunities for design features.”

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