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Top Tips for Beginner Sewers

Nov 12 2010.

“MAREE PIGDON SEWING CENTRE is a National Multi-Award Winning SEWING SCHOOL built on 31 years of sewing, design and teaching experience.

Maree helps women in all aspects of dressmaking and design to develop and refine their sewing skills, learn step by step garment construction, terrific tips and sewing tricks, how to fit garments to your own unique body shape, enhance figure assets and minimise problem areas.

Maree will help you make over your wardrobe, motivate, inspire and ensure you take pride in what you sew and LEARN TO SEW LIKE A PROFESSIONAL!

Here are Maree’s Top Tips for Beginner Sewers:

1.  Sewing takes longer than beginners first think. Patience is required and remember to enjoy the journey from beginning to end!

2.  Start with quick and easy stretch sewing projects. This helps you see what you can achieve and your final garment sooner (note Tip 1). Also skills need to be developed prior to sewing more difficult sewing projects.

3.  Get sewing lessons from an experienced sewer or sewing teacher. This way you have the best chance of learning the right way and avoid costly and timely mistakes or lose your interest in becoming a competent sewer.

4.  Start sewing with a friend who has the same interest which can make sewing even more fun, a social hobby and you can help inspire each other.

5.  When choosing patterns and fabric ask the shop assistant for guidance and advice.

6.  Invest in the basic essential sewing tools. E.g. pins, needles, scissors, tape measure etc. Note for some great tips on sewing tools ensure you subscribe to Maree’s ‘Free Sewing Resources’ which includes a 6 week e-course’.

7.  When choosing a pattern and fabric try to ensure it will go with many other pieces of clothing you currently have in your wardrobe. You don’t want to make something that doesn’t go as it will limit your chances and opportunities of wearing your sewing projects.

8.  Learning to sew isn’t always as easy as it looks! But like anything new it takes time to master the art. So be patient and practice, practice, practice!

9.  Learning to sew allows your creativity to flow and is a wonderful way to spend time in your life to help create balance between work and play. Tip: If you are struggling with work/life balance request your FREE Life Coaching session today go to: http://www.jinalife.com.au/request_form.php

10.  Set special regular blocks of time to sew to help with commitment to learning and following through to achieve your sewing goals and completed garments.

If you are a new beginner, if you would like to refresh your sewing skills or learn advanced sewing techniques then you will want to visit www.mareepigdon.com

Sewing is a wonderful skill to develop and a fantastic way to unleash your creativity while making gorgeous clothes to fit for yourself and family and/or to become a professional sewer and dressmaker.

The benefits of learning to sew with Maree Pigdon are:

  • Learn the right way to sew from day one from a National Award winning sewing teacher
  • Make original and unique one of a kind garments
  • Learn basic to advanced sewing skills, seam finishing and garment construction
  • How to fit your clothes to your own body shape
  • Be creative and inspired by classic tailored garments and/or new fashion and seasonal ideas to add to your wardrobe collection
  • Enhance your figure assets while disguising problem areas
  • Save money by sewing for yourself and family
  • Wardrobe planning and how to make over your look on a budget
  • Learn the art of finishing touches that make all the difference to professional looking home sewing
  • Discover Maree’s 7 Secrets to Professional Sewing to eliminate mistakes and learn the process of how to sew successful garments each and every time!

If you would like to learn how to sew Maree offers both in person group sewing classes, 1:1 private sewing lessons and online sewing courses and workshops. Simply visit her website to find out more!

Happy Sewing,

Maree Pigdon Sewing Centre
T: +61 (0) 3 5264 1666
E: maree@mareepigdon.com
W: www.mareepigdon.com

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  • "I have sewn items with Maree that I didn’t think possible. From a formal dress, a ballroom dancing outfit to magnificent patchwork bags. Maree is a teaching genius!"
    Tiffany Mc Intosh –
    Grovedale, Australia.
  • "People ask me why I travel so far to learn how to sew? The answer I give is simple. I wanted to learn from the best and am being taught by a master! "
    Dezi –
    Solicitor, Melbourne
  • "I feel very lucky indeed to be able to be part of Maree’s sewing classes – so enjoyable and informative, fun and companionable. It is a pleasure to come to Rosewood Cottage at Mount Duneed, as it is such a beautiful, peaceful setting. The best thing about Maree’s classes is her knowledge and enthusiasm!"
    Jenni Wackett -
    South Geelong
  • "Maree always makes you feel very welcome and has lots of time for everybody in class. She is a great teacher and explains very well so you can understand. Plus Maree doesn’t mind telling you again if you didn’t quite get it the first time. "
    Betty Dunn -
    Newcomb, Australia