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The ‘Iron Shield’ is an essential sewing tool for your sewing kit and/or home ironing.

  •  Fits Any Iron
  •  Prevents Sticking, Shining or Scorching
  •  Increase the life and look of your garments & clothing
  •  Renews iron life
  •  Complete fitting instructions included
  •  Australian Owned and Australian Made

With your Iron Shield you can iron safely and directly onto any fabric!

By simply fitting the Iron Shield to your iron as per the enclosed instructions you can iron any fabric without burning, sticking or making the garment shiny!

Whether it’s nylon, pure silk or parachute silk, taffeta or terylene you can iron on maximum temperature without damaging the fabric.

You can even iron your t-shirt and tops with moulded rubber or plastic transfers or printed images without smudging or lifting.

Jeans and cords are difficult to iron but with the Iron Shield you can handle them with ease, reducing ironing time.

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